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House Sitter Vs. Home Watch Company

Should you hire a house sitter or a Home Watch professional? We often talk to homeowners who aren’t sure what the difference is between a house sitter and Home Watch.  When you are going to leave your home for an extended period of time, you should definitely know...

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SEO For Home Watch

Search Engine Optimization for Home Watch Companies You are a busy business owner. You’ve got Home Watch visits covered, and an accountant to jump in with the books, but what about your online presence? It's often where a busy small business owner struggles. Marketing...

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What to Look for in a Home Watch Company

Congratulations, you’re officially a snowbird! Or maybe you're being temporarily relocated for work. Leaving your home unattended can be scary when you think about storms, burst pipes, floods and other unforeseen events where damage can quickly get worse if not...

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