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Many of you are dealing with the wake of destruction left by Hurricane Irma, some have been more fortunate than others. With climate change all around us, disasters like these are becoming more common than ever. There’s a lot to worry about while preparing for the storm. As a Home Watch company, you have the added responsibility of taking care of and preparing your client’s properties and keeping your clients informed. Many of the Home Watch companies we know stayed behind to prepare their client’s homes in advance of the storm and are now making note of and taking care of any damage to client properties. If you have more than just a hand full of clients, managing those reports and communicating with your clients can be more work than the cleanup itself.

Reduce the Unwanted Phone Calls and Text Messages

Any of you that have been through a major storm can relate to the bombardment of calls, texts, and emails from your clients constantly wanting updates, the status of the storm and more! And why not, you’re their eyes and ears on the ground while they are away and they trust you! A lot of these calls are unnecessary but you are always polite and answer the calls, texts, and emails even though you are so busy and exhausted; you feel obligated to reassure them that you are on top of your business and treat each home like your own! Your clients usually have one property to worry about but you have many properties to watch over and prepare before the storm. Your time is valuable. “There are only so many hours in a day!” Right?

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Your time is better spent taking care of the properties, making sure the repairs are completed and not spending your day updating your clients. You need your phone time to coordinate contractors, to get the work done at your client’s properties, and we all know the old “he said she said”. If it’s not documented and there is an issue, you have nothing to fall back on!

Informing the client before they ask is the trick, thus reducing unnecessary communications with your clients that tie up your valuable time! Simplifying the type of communication is also a key to staying organized and not missing a single request! Sooner or later you’re going to miss a critical request from a client because you are trying to juggle multiple communication methods like email, text, and phone calls!

Enter the 21st century with digital reports

If you’re still using paper reports, phone calls, texts and emails to communicate and keep your clients informed, this large pile of work isn’t going to be easy to get through even if you can keep the phone calls at bay. With all of the flooding we’ve seen, you may have even lost client information or records. This isn’t something you should have to worry about; not with everything else on your plate. It’s for reasons like these we created our QRIDit Home Watch Edition software. We’ve seen properties ravaged by storms before and this is why we have pre-storm and post-storm Permatask checklists built right into QRIDit Home Watch Edition when you sign up. Your clients can rest assured their property has been properly prepared before hand, reducing the need for them to contact you. With our automated reports they can know what damage they may have to deal with afterward in real time.

Clients can send a copy of the report to their insurance company in advance and photos from the reports can be forwarded to contractors so they know what they’re up against! Even without the internet, you can still do reports with QRIDit then send the reports when you’re able to get an internet connection. Pre made templates make it easy to send reports right from the site, get client feedback, and devise a plan of action.

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